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2013-1 - Version 2

Anton family New Year 2013 — under my calligraphy  ICHI GO ICHI E

It’s been said that writing is a way of breaking through the barriers that separate us from other minds, other hearts, and that is “of course, the purpose of writing, as well as its principal reward.”

Certainly I have been abundantly rewarded by the readers of my column — following are some excerpts from the many letters I received.

“We can hardly believe how so many of our ideas, problems and pleasures of living in Japan are reflected in your stories.” (Retired couple from New Zealand)

“Sometimes I walk around in this world brimming with billions of people and think that not a living soul understands what I’m going through. Thanks for stirring, but not shaking me, back to reality.” (Young American man )

“If ever you or any of your family are in Ireland, please come to stay with us in our village.”   Similar invitations came from Hawaii, Australia, Austria, Ghana, Malaysia, and all over Japan.

“I read your regular columns slowly — taking them like a daily vitamin.” (British woman)

“From reading your columns, it seems you have found a great deal of satisfaction from your work and have touched the lives of many warm and appreciative people. That is the kind of reward I hope to find as a columnist … “ (Young aspiring columnist) 

“I have long been an admirer of your column — it is the first thing I read on the days it appears.” (Donald Richie)

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  1. Anna N. / Jul 14 2012 4:47 pm

    Ms. Anton,
    I cannot believe I only now discovered your articles. Like your family, my parents raised my older brothers and I in Japanese public schools (K-9).
    Thank you for beading together the words that describe the moment to moment experiences of us situated at the cultural threshold.


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